Purposeful Shopping

Purposeful Shopping
Article written by: Kristina Byrd
What is better than a shopping spree? A guilt free shopping spree!
Each donation you make at Heaven’s Treasures Thrift and Value stores has a purpose. In addition to employing over 200 people and offering second-chance employment opportunities, Heaven’s Treasures supports local charities. Three of these charities are Chariots for Hope, Choice One, and Chosen300. When donations are dropped off at our stores, you are given the opportunity to support one of these ministries and get your tax receipt through these supported partners.
Chariots for Hope is a ministry in Kenya, Africa which “exists to honor God by loving, nurturing, and providing for vulnerable and orphaned children.” They currently run eight homes for children and babies in Kenya. With over 2.6 million orphaned or at-risk children in Kenya, your shopping experience can help in a very powerful way. You can visit their website at, www.chariotsforhope.org for more information about this Christ centered organization. Not every mission field needs to be overseas.
Your donations can also help support ChoiceOne ministries. ChoiceOne seeks to help women in crisis, and build relationships with them providing comprehensive assistance for health and choices in pregnancy and beyond. Their vision is to be the first choice for women who are not only facing unplanned pregnancies but also those who are vulnerable to sexual transmitted diseases. Their outreach extends to the Mercer, Burlington, Northeast Philadelphia, and Bucks County areas. To find out more about this loving, important mission, seek out www.choiceonesupport.org.
Donations can also support Chosen 300 Ministries. Chosen 300 serves the homeless here in our own city of Philadelphia. This ministry began with a husband and wife witnessing to and feeding one homeless man. Chosen 300 has been serving for 21 years. They distribute 150,000 meals each year in the Philadelphia region and more that 400,000 lbs of food in 8 countries. So many people of God from numerous backgrounds and denominations have joined this ministry that it now reaches not only Philadelphia and the surrounding region but also has both an international reach, and serves local prison ministries. If you want to learn more about Chosen 300, please check them out at, www.chosen300.org.
Heaven’s Treasures Thrift and Value Stores provides a unique way for you to support each of these ministries. Each donation you make helps Heaven’s Treasures support one of these ministries which is touching, healing, and changing the lives of others here and around the world while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ’s love in practical and meaningful way. Thank you from Heaven’s Treasures.